Sport Boat 320 – 11ft

320-360 boat full view back
320-360 boat full top view
270-320-360 boat bottom view
fiberglass transom
side view
side view oar lock

The Salter Sport Boat is a round-nose (bow) inflatable boat. With its wider round body, the boat is roomier for passengers and goods. Improved buoyancy, stability and operation, this kind of boat is multifunctional. Not only is the inflated structure easy to be handled, but also compatible with a marine engine to achieve great speeds and maneuverability. Salter Sport Boats are one of the best-built boats on the market today, now completely built with The highest quality Mehler-Valmex or HEYtex PVC Fabric from Germany, Only the best will do.

Product Description

16.2mm thickness aluminum bench seat.
All around, 80 mm width durable rubber strike on the tube for protection.
Top mount D-rings with a safety rope.
Stainless steel D-rings for easy towing with an 8mm tow rope.
Built-in oarlocks for easy rowing and oar holder included.
One-way drain valve plug.
Motor mount plates on both sides of the transom.
Accessories Included:
Lightweight aluminum seat benches.
Repair kit.
Manual foot air pump.
Locking oars.
H-R valve adapter for foot pump.
Tow Rope.
All around, durable rubber strike
Salter Sport 320 – 11ft
Overall Length: 3200cm /106.2in Pressure Release Valve: Yes Transom Thickness: 5.7cm / 2.25in
Overall Width: 151cm /59.4in Vessel Category: “A” Outboard Shaft Size: 38.1cm / 15in Short
Inside Length: 230cm /90.55in Person Capacity: 4 Adult + 1 Child Bow Design: Round Nose
Inside Width: 65cm / 25.5in Max Passenger Weight: 375kg/827lbs Boat Weight: 68kg/150lbs
Tube Diameter: 40.6cm / 16.0in Max Loading: 566kg / 1248lbs Total Chambers: 3 + 1 keel
Mid Transom Height: 41cm / 16.1in Max Motor Size: 11kw / 15hp Air Valves: 3 + 1
Transom Width: 88cm / 34.6in Max Motor Weight: 92kg /203lbs Pontoon Chambers: 3 + 1
Floor Type: Any Chamber Pressure: 25kpa / 3.6psi Material & Thickness:
/ 1.2mm - 1.2mm
Other Chambers: Inflatable Keel Seams: Overlapping 4 X Shipping Weight: 70kg/154lbs (Alum floor)